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Weatherlock uPVC Windows and Doors are manufactured FREE of BPA’s so there is no fear of contamination. uPVC, unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, is an environmentally friendly material. Our uPVC manufacturing material is certified for use in medical and dental equipment.

Not only do Weatherlock Windows and Doors lock out weather, heat, cold and humidity, they are also extraordinarily soundproof. The perfectly calibrated manufacturing process provides a natural sound barrier to make your interior environment quieter. Weatherlock Windows and Doors will not rattle on windy days and the same thermal insulation barrier that locks out weather acts to buffer exterior sounds.

We manufacture all our uPVC products to be completely free from Phthalates or BPA’s, which makes them an environmentally friendly option. Weatherlock Windows and Doors will outlive many structures in which they are installed. We have the next few generations in mind when we manufacture your custom Weatherlock Windows and Doors. Our uPVC window and door materials can be recycled again and again. It is estimated that the Weatherlock uPVC can be recycled 100 times saving the environment from solid waste disposal.  

Weatherlock has also expanded our manufacturing capabilities to produce a line of innovatively designed modular cabinets and countertops. Originally designed as affordable, safe, clean maintenance free cabinets and countertops for kitchens, our futuristic modular designs are adaptable to any space that needs storage cabinets and countertops.

We can configure and install modular cabinets and countertops for a variety of applications. Our certified safe hygienic uPVC cabinets and countertops are ideal for offices, company breakrooms, restaurants, medical exam rooms, and laboratories. Dentists and Doctors love the space saving modular durable, easy to clean maintenance free modular cabinets and countertop systems configured to meet their unique needs.

Just like our proprietary original Weatherlock Windows and Doors, the new product line of uPVC cabinets and countertops are environmentally friendly, recyclable, maintenance free and waterproof. Along with never needing painting, they will not warp, rust, or peel.

All Weatherlock Products can be cleaned with household cleaning solutions or a damp cloth. At Weatherlock we provide customers with expert professional service, on-time installation along with the most competitive prices and value. Weatherlock Windows and Doors – Locking out the Weather for Homes and Commercial Buildings. New Weatherlock Cabinets and Countertops are Affordable, Safe, Maintenance Free and Waterproof

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Weatherlock Windows and Doors – Locking out the Weather for Homes and Commercial Buildings