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What makes Weatherlock Windows and Doors Special?

They are expertly crafted with multiple layers of quality control inspections. Weatherlock Windows and Doors create a secure seal to lock out weather while locking in heat and air conditioning. Weatherlock Windows and Doors are draft free, secure, durable, long lasting, as well as economical to install and maintenance free.

Weatherlock Windows and Doors are made to exacting standards with quality control from design to installation. All Weatherlock uPVC Windows and Doors are fabricated specifically for their application. Weatherlock Windows and Doors provide a perfect seal for your interior environment, protecting YOU and locking the weather out.


Why is uPVC the perfect material for windows and doors?

uPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. uPVC is environmentally friendly. It contains NO Phthalates or BPA’s. It is totally recyclable yet maintains its structural integrity. Unlike banned PVC, uPVC is deemed safe, it meets the certification standards for use in medical offices. In fact, dentists use uPVC in the manufacture of mouth retainers.

The safety of uPVC is matched by its durability and long useful life in construction applications making it an ideal choice for maintenance free windows, doors, cabinets, and countertops.

“uPVC constructed windows and doors never need painting, will not rust, oxidize, or tarnish. Simply wash your uPVC windows and doors with normal household cleaners or a damp cloth to keep their fresh clean look.”



Wooden windows and doors absorb moisture causing them to expand and contract with the weather. When wooden windows and doors are subjected to the elements, they no longer fit the way they were installed. As wooden windows and doors age you can expect draft gaps to form along with squeaks, creaks, and rattles in windy weather. Constantly expanding and contracting wooden windows become difficult to properly operate, over time they are hard to open and close. Wooden Windows and Doors always need painting, caulking and maintenance.


Aluminum windows and doors are subject to oxidation causing them to lose their fit and appearance while subjecting the interior space to intrusion from the outside elements. Once painted, aluminum windows and doors will have to constantly be scrapped and painted again and again. Aluminum windows and doors require regular lubrication to keep them working smoothly and prevent the constant irritating squealing of metal on metal.


The innovative uPVC windows and doors when manufactured and installed by the experts at Weatherlock create a perfect seal that protects the interior environment from the ravages of nature. Interior spaces protected by Weatherlock windows and doors are safeguarded from the heat, cold, wind and inclement weather of the outside world.

Weatherlock Windows and Doors maintain their structural integrity throughout their useful life. They open and close perfectly first time and every time. Weatherlock Windows and Doors never need painting, just wash with household cleaners or a damp cloth to keep them looking like new year after year.

FREE of Phthalates and BPA’s and certified for use in medical settings, the uPVC Weatherlock Windows and Doors are environmentally friendly, recyclable, while maintaining their structural integrity throughout their extended life. Weatherlock Windows and Doors come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors, and custom designs to enhance while protecting homes, apartments, offices, businesses as well as anywhere that requires durable windows and doors.”

Weatherlock also Manufactures and Installs Unique Kitchen Modular Cabinet and Counter Systems

Weatherlock uses the same medically certified safe uPVC to manufacture configurable kitchen modular systems which are durable, maintenance free, waterproof, hygienic, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Available in a variety of colors, the low-priced installation process adds immediate value to new construction, renovations, and refurbishments.

The benefits of uPVC modular kitchen cabinet systems include:

  • Lower cost
  • Maintenance FREE
  • Waterproof – will not warp
  • Termite and borer proof
  • Easy installation in a wide variety of configurations
  • Sanitary and easy to clean – seepage resistant to repel mold and mildew
  • Never need painting or varnishing – available in a choice of decorative colors and finishings
  • Manufactured FREE of BPA’s

The Weatherlock modular uPVC kitchen systems are ideal for rental apartments, second kitchens as well as all new construction, remodels as well as renovations. Because these modular cabinets, doors and countertops are manufactured FREE of BPA’s they are approved for use in medical setting

Organized, Efficient Storage Systems for Businesses and Offices

The Modular Cabinet Systems manufactured by Weatherlock Windows and Doors serve beyond kitchen applications. These uPVC modular cabinet systems and countertops provide an economical way for companies and offices to provide needed functional storage, shelving units and countertops.

Whatever the application, offices, employee cubicles, retail locations, even restaurants, the innovative modular cabinet systems by Weatherlock Windows and Doors offer customized storage solutions. Manufactured FREE of BPA’s the Modular Cabinet Systems are safe for food, easy to clean, durable, aesthetically functional as well as being environmentally friendly and recyclable.

uPVC Modular Cabinet and Countertop Solutions for Medical Offices

The cost effective FREE of Phthalates and BPA’s uPVC modular cabinet and countertop systems are certified for use in Dentist’s, Doctor’s, and Laboratory Offices. Easily configurable to make the most of storage space in medical offices, examination rooms, laboratories and more, these uPVC modular cabinets and countertops can be installed in an infinite array of configurations.

The Weatherlock uPVC Modular Cabinets can be installed without doors as shelving units or with doors for concealed storage. The Cabinet Doors can be installed with locks for sensitive medical supplies and data as well as with easy pull, quick close latches in a variety of designs.

Let the Weatherlock Designers configure the perfect storage, cabinets, and counter spaces for all your office and business needs.

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Weatherlock Windows and Doors can be designed and manufactured for new construction as well as renovations, refurbishments, additions, and upgrades.

Let us change your environment with customized, perfectly fit, maintenance free Weatherlock Windows and Doors that will last a lifetime.

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